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  My favourite book
  Do you know Harry Potter? It’s one of my favourite sparetime readings and it’s written by J. K. Rowling. She had the idea about Harry Potter when she was on train, “Harry just walked into my head.” She said later. She started writing the first edition of Harry Potter the next day.
  Harry Potter is a magical school student who wears glasses and has no parents, now he is 16 years old. He is very brave and known by everyone because he is the only person who will not die by devil. At school, he has two good friends, they are Rone and Henry.
  When read the book my first time, I feel very exciting and interesting. So I read it again and again, each time I have different feelings, sometimes I even feel as if I’m one of Potter’s partners. Now there are five edition of Harry Potter published and they are very popular with young students. Books about Harry Potter have sold millions of copies all over the world. Do you like Harry Potter? If you haven’t read the book yet, read it now and you’ll find a wonderful world.

  Review of “Is Arrogant and Prejudice”
  Austin "Is arrogant And Prejudice",Just like she said,Is on two inches ivory the thin carving,It is Austin's representative works.This reflection marriage question novel which in the author workmost receives welcome,has been at conservative and under the unenlightened conditionEnglish villages and towns life and the ways of the world human.sentiment,the work vivid reflection 18 century's ends to the beginningof 19th
  century.Its social local customs and practices resembles the novel not only was attracting thegeneral readers at that time,Really to today,Still gave the reader to enjoy by the unique art.She is the first reality describes in the daily ordinary life theordinary graciousness writer of fiction,Played the role in the English novel history which links the precedingwith the following.
  The entire work does not have the flood the imposing manner,Not winding unconstrained plot,But is this kind of simplicity,Fine deeply is attracting us,Austin's short life nearly all is passed in England's village, Perhaps is periphery is simple,The tranquil atmosphere has bred her indifferent makings.cannot because does not have the rich experience,On has the suspicion to her regarding the thing analysis ability, Has read "Arrogant And Prejudice" the human certainly can be exquisitefor her,the keen emotion subdues.When writes "Is arrogant And Prejudice",She is only several year-old girls, Isn’t this one kind of talent? She indeed very little contacts "outside”, But thought existence, Imagination existence, this all existences are enough.

  The Old Man and the Sea is one of Hemingway's most enduring works and may very well become one of the true classics of this generation. It played a great part in his winning the Pulizer Prize in 1953 and the 1954 Novel Prize for Literature and confirmed his power and presence in the literary world. Hemingway is also one of my favorite writers. Besides The Old Man And the Sea, I have read some of his other works, such as The Sun Also Rises, A Farewell to Arms and The Snow of Kilimanijaro. But The Old Man and the Sea is the one that left the deepest impression on me.
  I first read this book when I was in my fifteens. And now I remember it just as well as if I had read it yesterday.
  Pride and Prejudice is a chefdoeuvre.(这篇可以参考:)
  My first impression of this story was from screen.
  It's long long ago, maybe before I can read english books. I don't remember which movie edition I had seen. But I was impressed by the music, the scenery and the costume. I was very favor of a section of music in its balls. It's pretty brisk, liked a wonderful song of a bird. Regarding to the characters, I liked Elizabeth, the heroine,though I didn't think she's beautiful. But she's smart. However, I didn't pay much attention to the plot. I thought it's so long that it made me impatient and bored. By now, I haven't read the whole story in English or its Chinese version, either. I owe it to my prejudice.
  In fact, I didn't understand the story at that time. I didn't know why it called Pride and Prejudice. Of course someone was pride, but I didn't find where' s the prejudice. I thought it's normal, the way people treated each other in that. I considered prejudice would be very disgusting. But to the movie everthing was OK in my minds, except its length. Now, I think I have understood more about it. I'm a prejudiced person so I can't find where's wrong. I merely like to do the things I like. Everytime I meet somebody or something,my thinking about he or it all depends on my foregone experience and my mood of the time.
  伊丽莎白为自己家人的行为给自己带来的影响万分懊恼,达西也因此劝宾利先生离开 简,后来自己也是在理智与情感较量之后万分矛盾地向伊丽莎白吐露心事。所以说什么是爱情?那种纯粹的感情,爱的不顾一切,单纯的洁白如雪的爱情是不是真如镜中花水中月,是不是只不过是人们心中的美好幻想和追求罢了,而现实生活中人们总是寻找二者之间的最佳平衡点。

  《The Adventures of Tom Sawyer》汤姆索亚历险记读后感:
  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is American famous literary giant Mark Twain take his youth as the main subject to wrote.
  Tom Sawyer and his best friend, Huck Finn, tell stories, fish, and pretend to be pirates along the banks of the Mississippi River. Then they become real-life witnesses to a terrible crime! Whether Tom is running away from villains, treasure hunting, or showing off for Becky Thatcher, it's one thrilling escapade after another.
  Story leading Tom's naive character, is lively and the also mischievous model US youths. He and the urchin summer gram, respectively made the wonderful matter which one burst out laughing. Is punished like Tom whitewashes the fence, unexpectedly executes the clever trick, not only causes other child to be willing to replace him to work, but also automatically offers the thank-you gift. Afterwards went with Xia Ketao to the desert island, the people thought they were drown to death, the church have been holding the mourning ritual for them, but they actually hid in the church bell tower listen secretly. These mischievous actions, although cannot make the model to us, but, he in order to be just, resolutely boldly thrusts forward to testify the person, saves that innocent criminal froth husband Peter. And in mischievous time, has unexpectedly uncovered a pile murder document with the summer gram, becomes young hero which the numerous people admires. It seems like that, Tom also has the place which is worth us studying. Actually the child mischievous sometimes waited has happen to manifested child's innocent. This kind of child really crossed the child time very difficultly again to seek, could let us find, only had the happy recollection which a spot occasionally then could remember.
  I believed, even if your childhood difficult again ,you recollected also can be very happy. Who hasn't made a half silly matter in the childhood? When you more grow up, you can more think these silly matters are interesting. I said the childhood likes pot sweet wine, when separates more for a long time, tastes fragrant, is purer, more let the person aftertaste.

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